Accent is a family of luminaires designed to optimise visual comfort when illuminating either objects or space, and is supported by a series of facades and integration systems to ensure a consistent visual language between the luminaire and the surrounding architecture. An adjustable depth mechanism allows the optical source to be moved to a shallower position for extra wide or ellipitcal illumination, or to be fixed in a deeper position for use with narrower beams and accent lighting. A range of light shaping accessories allows the user to customise the lighting technique, from even diffuse light to oval beams for a wide range of applications.

High pressure die cast black anodised ceiling mount with stainless steel fixing blades; black anodised die cast retention mechanism for optical assembly; brass thumbscrew module fixation. Optical unit set back with variable 45mm depth tolerance. Optional internal snoot in black anodised die cast aluminium. Facades in high pressure die cast aluminium; powdercoat finish. IP facade with clear lens and silicon seal. Optical housing and dissipation system in black anodised forged aluminium with 2 pole connector to secondary terminal on LED power supply 180mA or 350mA constant current. Primary terminal with plug and flex; active power factor correction; current regulation, voltage spike protection. Class III. IP20 — IP44.

Rotationally symmetrical polished faceted reflector; COB LED; <2 SCDM; L90 B10 50 000hr; Ra98; R1=99 R2=100 R3=97 R4=100 R5=99 R6=98 R7=98 R8=97 R9=92 R10=98 R11=97 R12=87 R13=99 R14=97 R15=99; TM30 = R95 F103. In combination with optional spreader, linear spreader, diffuser lens or honeycomb louvre.

Accent 100 Directional

Accent 100 Asymmetrical

Accent 100 Trimless Fixed

Accent 100 Trimless Directional

Accent 100 Trimless Asymmetrical

Accent 100 Trimless Concrete Fixed

Accent 100 Trimless Concrete Directional

Accent 100 Trimless Concrete Asymmetrical

Accent 100 IP Fixed

Accent 100 IP Directional

Accent 100 IP Asymmetrical

Accent 100 IP Trimless Fixed

Accent 100 IP Trimless Directional

Accent 100 IP Trimless Asymmetrical

Accent 100 IP Trimless Concrete Fixed

Accent 100 IP Trimless Concrete Directional

Accent 100 IP Trimless Concrete Asymmetrical


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