Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is rooted in the ordered standardisation of elements within architecture, where all parts operate as individual components of a greater working system. We use this guiding principle to ally objects and space via common visual language and purpose. Form and proportion are purposely restrained, while prioritising function and the absence of superfluous detail ensures that our products sit silently and comfortably within the surrounding architecture.

The objective of this philosophy is to achieve a balanced union of design and technology. We develop and manufacture tools for illumination which work in unison with their environment, whether built or natural.

Development of technical componentry is informed by a strong understanding of how objects work alongside and within the fabric of a building. A solid understanding of construction materiality and process allows us to produce lighting instruments which belong.


Our concepts are initiated as a response to the spatial characteristics of modern architecture and the treatment of planes with lighting technique. Hand sketches of a luminaire relative to it's spatial context define the scale and proportion of the concept, with high level ideas then refined to draw out and resolve fine detail. Rounds of conceptualising product ideas followed by prototyping and testing allow us to draw out the critical elements required to form a unified marriage of robust engineering and aesthetic nuance.


IILUS lighting instruments are designed by Goran Stojanovic, Design Director and Principal of Sydney based practice X.Pace Design Group. Trained in architecture and product design in Milan and New York during the 1980’s, Goran’s work rigorously pursues the tenets of modernist design. Supported by a team of industrial designers and lighting specialists, our common thread is the purpose and desire to deliver intelligently refined products which enrich the lived experience of those who interact with them.

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